Deeb Family Homes






"We are retiring in Clearwater, Florida, relocating there from NYS. Choosing to build a home, and to have it constructed while we were 1200 miles away, could have been extremely stressful and potentially disastrous. However, we were truly blessed because we were lucky enough to choose to work with Deeb Family Homes.

When we saw the Sunset Pointe development, we fell in love with the "great room" model. The standard features offered by the Deeb family would have been considered upgrades in other homes. In addition to the lovely layout of the house, the Deebs add tray ceilings, arches and other structural details that add personality to the home.

After choosing to explore the possibility of purchasing a lot in the development, we met with the builder, Ricky Deeb. What a charming, approachable, and honest man he is. He never pushed us to add upgrades. He gave us prices only on what we asked for. He kept his word about every aspect of the house-all our requests, big or small, were granted. Then we were blessed again when we met Stephanie Deeb. Stephanie became our eyes and ears in Florida. We had to return to NY to work. Stephanie personally oversaw the construction of our home and kept us apprised of every detail, every step of the way. We came to Clearwater off and on to check on things, and Stephanies honesty and integrity were apparent.

The house was wonderful. Any time we saw any small detail that needed adjusting, Stephanie noted down these small things, and they were fixed in an expeditious manner. Stephanie was sensitive to us, not only as customers, but also as people. She has shown herself to be, not only an outstanding representative of Deeb Family Builders, but a highly efficient, honest and caring individual. Words fail us when we try to express how much we value Ricky and Stepanie Deeb. They are excellent builders and fine, responsible, honest people. We are so thankful that we chose Deeb Family Homes to build our beautiful new house!"

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Drinane

"I want to write and thank you for making my move in, a wonderful experience rather than a frustration. Most builders, pretty much end their support once the house is sold. With you and your company, the sale was only step one. Getting me moved in and settled was step two.

You quickly and happily replaced or repaired all the little frustrating things that always come with a new home. You did this gladly and with a great courtesy and support. With most builders, it is normally like pulling teeth to get anything fixed. With you it was a pleasure. I feel that we have made a friend.

I can see why your company has been able to remain in business for three generation and have been able to continue to build and sell in this tight market. Great houses, great move in support and a happy smile.

Thank you again."

Bertram L Parr

"I just wanted to thank you again for always being accomodating and really making our construction process a smooth one. I realize that during the time we built, there were many companies who did not do so well, or who closed up in the middle of the night so to speak. So from the Lopez family to the Deeb family thank you again for creating a special place to raise our beautiful family. This home means more to us then you know, and all of you have made a difference for us. I hope you are able to create great memories for other families as well. We truly appreciate it!"

Kimmarie Lopez

"We are very happy with our new home. We appreciate how quickly you built it so we could close before our deadline. We especially appreciated the personal attention you provided when we had questions or concerns. Thank you for a job well done."

Brian McClure